Get Fit & Have Fun...
(at the same time)!

Join us and you'll get healthy while having fun and meeting new won't be disappointed!

Classes and Pricing

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Do the Work

Whether it is individual guidance and motivation, or weekly group classes led by personal trainer Beth Jones, we keep you engaged and motivated. Meet new people, boost your fitness levels and have a blast while you improve your body!

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A new, healthier you...

Engaging Workouts

On the water...

Water workouts with our H2O Bootcamp feel more like play than excersise. We offer fun and engaging water sports like SUP, kayaking, swimming and more.

On land...

Whether it is cross-training, cycling, distance running or cardio, we've got something for everyone.

Special Workouts

Need to lose weight? Wanna get healthier or just stronger? Our individualized training will put you on the fast track to success.


Join our happy bootcampers!

  • “Beth always keeps her bootcampers guessing--- so whether you are interested in strength training, cardio, HIIT, plyo, distance running, cycling, swimming, or even kayaking and Stand Up Paddleboarding, this Bootcamp has something for everyone!!! ”

    — J. Dornbush

  • “Great workouts with great attitudes. This has helped me get a healther mind and body. It will work for anyone at any level.”

    — B. Owens

  • “You will not find a better class anywhere else! Beth is an amazing trainer and this is an amazing class! The support that everyone gives is incredible! Come drop in, you will be hooked. ”

    — T. Holcomb

  1. J. Dornbush
  2. B. Owens
  3. T. Holcomb