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About Dolphin Girl Fitness…

We Keep you Motivated!

Hi my name is Beth Jones. I am ISSA Personal Trainer Certified and ASFA Sports Nutrition Certified. I am also an ASFA Bootcamp/Group Fitness Instructor.

My excitement and energy for having a healthy lifestyle motivates me in all areas to push myself to my next fitness level. My passion is sharing the knowledge of fitness with my clients, and my classes through motivation, encouragement and setting goals.

Beth and Skylee

Me and Skylee

One of the things that I love is helping my members of my classes meet and surpass their personal health and fitness goals. No matter where you are on your personal fitness journey, I would love to help you reach and excel in your personal goals. I enjoy helping those who want to break barriers and achieve things they always felt were out of reach. I believe that if working out is not fun people won’t do it . That is why I am always exploring new ways to exercise, strength train and develop overall health and well being.

In my spare time I also enjoy kayaking, stand-up paddle boarding, running, boating, walking Skylee and of course Ravens Football.